Cheating in video games

Cheating in video games  Cheating has long been a part of the video games industry, but it’s important to define exactly what we mean by the term “cheat”. Looking back as far as some of the video game titles in the 1980’s, gamers have been able to press various button combinations or input codes to gain access to new game modes, special advantages and other hidden content. However, those "cheats" were deliberately built into the game’s software by developers.  

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Cheating in gaming and e-sports

Cheating affects all sports and can come in many forms. Whether doping in athletics or simulation in football, the effect is the same - cheating undermines the trust in the contest and devalues the sport. Just as cheating affects traditional sports, it can affect video games and e-sports as well.

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Ten players in total will be on the end of bans for using the program, while another two will also face punishment for being aware of teammates' cheating. Six of the players received in-game bans for using the hack in public games, rather than professional, and will face a two-year suspension. But four will face a longer three-year ban for cheating in professional qualifiers for the PUBG European League. Two members of the French-based team Sans Domicile Fixe, Houlow and Sezk0, were involved in the cheating, while its remaining two members, StepH and THZ, also face three-year bans for condoning their actions.

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